Dangerous Goods
For Security purposes and According to the Laws of all Countries the following items are prohibited to be carried with the turned in Baggage and Hand Luggage:

  • Briefcases with included Alarm system
  • Explosive ordnance, Pyrotechnic Articles, Torches
  • Gas Containers, for example Irritant Gas, Pepper Spray, Camping Gas Heater
  • Containers with flammable Liquids, e.g. Lighter Fluid, Paint, Lacquer, cleaning Agent
  • easy flammable fabrics, e.g. matches
  • Substances, that create flammable Gases once in contact with water
  • Oxidizing Fabrics, e.g.  z. B. Bleacher, Peroxide
  • Poisonous (toxic) and und contagious Fabrics, e.g. Quicksilver, Bacteria- and viruses
  • Radioactive Materials and  Articles
  • Corrosive Fabrics, e.g.  Acids, Leaches, Wet Batteries
  • Strong Magnetic Materials
  • Tools and devices run with gasoline, that already had the smallest amount of gasoline in hem (e.g. for Testing)

Dangerous Goods New Security Regulations for Hand Baggage

Dangerous Goods