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We are operating our flights in compliance with local authorities and travel regulations. In case there is any change, delay or cancellation due to the pandemic situation Covid-19 you will be notified via email, text messages or direct contact to the contact details provided during reservation and the correct data are very important for all passengers under the given booking. It is the reservation owner`s/agency`s responsibility to inform all other passengers within the booking. We strongly advise you to book tickets directly through our website at or via our office or Contact Centre to ensure the notification reaches you well and in time!

To check currently applicable travel regulations per specific country, check Country Specific Travel Information page.

To learn about health and safety measures that we adhere to, please go to our Enhanced health and safety measures page and also local authorities information centres regarding Covid-19 situation updates .

We recommend health & safety measures:

  1. FACE MASKS - It is now compulsory to wear face masks on board of our aircraft for both passengers and crew. For flights over 4 hours we recommend you bring more face masks.
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING & HYGIENE MEASURES - We completely disinfect our aircraft daily. Please also respect social distancing guidelines on and off our aircraft. Seat allocation will take this into consideration wherever possible.